Ascent Partners offer a unique On Line Auction Service to help vendors, acquirers and those parties who are merging to dispose of excess equipment quickly and efficiently. This service completes our “one stop shop” service offering.

Quarter 1 2018 – Date to be advised


Recent Print Related Auctions:

Q4 – Oct 18 – Burwood Press (NSW) and 5 other vendors

Q3 – Aug 17 – Oxford Communications (NSW), Weston Printing (NSW) and 8 vendors

Q2 – Jun 2017 – Print Impressions (VIC), Uni Print (VIC) and 5 other vendors

Q1 – Feb 2017 – Graphitype Printing Service (NSW)


The On Line Auction Service Ascent Partners provided to sell our excess plant, left over after our business sale, exceeded our expectations. We sold everything but a shrink wrapper, and pretty much everything was paid for and picked up within a week. Ascent Partners handled everything, including the business sale, and the overall result was very pleasing. Richard has excellent industry knowledge and helped and advised us every step of the way. I couldn’t recommend their services more highly – Dave and Kath Morris -Graphitype Printing Services. Feb 17.

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Below is a list of current Print Machinery for sale. For complete description, photos and in some cases videos, please see This site also has details on how to advertise your surplus equipment.

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MakeModelDescription / TypeAgeAge / BasisPricePrice / BasisLocationVendor / TypeENQUIRE
Oliver SakuaraiSDD 660Four colour Auto Press2007Act $75,000 AIWIBrisbane, QLDEnd UserVIEW
HeidelbergQM 46-2Two col2004ACT $6,500 AIWIBerwick, VICEnd UserVIEW
Ryobi524 HEFour colour Automated A32000Act $60,000 AIWISAEnd UserVIEW
HeidelbergGTO 52Single col with N&I1986Act $5,000 AIWIBrisbane, QLDEnd UserVIEW
CanonC 800Digital Colour Press - very low run2015Act $15,000 AIWIHillsdale, NSW End UserVIEW
AnapurnaMV 1.0UV Varnish flat bed printer2009Act $25,750 AIWITullamarine, VICEnd UserVIEW
MimakiJV 400- 160 LXWide format 1.6 mtr2015Act $12,500 AIWIBrisbane, QLDEnd UserVIEW
Screen4600ECtP2016Act $69,000 AIWIGold Coast, QLDEnd UserVIEW
Agfa AssentoII SCtP Apogee latest version2007Act $39,000 AIWIBrisbane, QLDEnd UserVIEW
AgfaCtP $6,000 AIWIRydalmere, NSWEnd UserVIEW
AgfaPalladioCtP2006Act $2,000 AIWIBrisbane, QLDEnd UserVIEW
HorizonCollator, stitch, trim2000Est $15,000 AIWIBrisbane, QLDEnd UserVIEW
MorganaUFOFolderMid 90'sEst $1,250 AIWIVICEnd UserVIEW
Stahl56 cm2 unit (crash folder)Mid 90'sEst $1,500 AIWIKiama, NSW End UserVIEW
Itoh115Digital Guillotine2010Act $39,500 AIWITullamarine, VICDealerVIEW
Polar92 XTGuillotine2009Act $30,000 AIWIMascot, NSWEnd UserVIEW
Polar55EMProgrammable guillotine1987Act $6,500 AIWIBrisbane, QLDEnd UserVIEW
RolandGX 24Vinyl cutter $2,500 AIWIBrisbane, QLDEnd UserVIEW
PolarGuillotine system92 Guillotine, unloader, stack lift, joggerlate 90'sEst $55,000 AIWISE MelbourneEnd UserVIEW
HeidelbergTPlaten - Red Ball $1,000 AIWIWarana, QLD End UserVIEW
Heidelberg46 x 57Cyliinder x 2 $5,000 AIWIWarana, QLD End UserVIEW
HeidelbergGTGiant Platen1961Act $7,500 AIWIHillsdale, NSW End UserVIEW
HeidelbergCylinder52 x 72 $8,500 AIWIRydalmere, NSWEnd UserVIEW
LombardiLabel Cutter1995Est $5,000 AIWIBrisbane, QLDEnd UserVIEW
BimecSTB 60Slitter1992Act $20,000 AIWIBrisbane, QLDEnd UserVIEW
IramDrill1996Act $2,500 AIWIMulgrave, VICEnd UserVIEW
KomfiAmiga 52B2 Laminator2014Act $25,000 AIWIHillsdale, NSW End UserVIEW
VickersStitcherOld $1,250 AIWIVICEnd UserVIEW
Hydra Pac3030-35CBalerlate 90'sEst $20,000 AIWiSunshine, VicEnd UserVIEW
KaiserAir compressor $10,000 AIWISunshine, VicEnd UserVIEW
SiatPallet wrapper $1,000 AIWISunshine, VicEnd UserVIEW
Rolls RoyceGenerator $10,000 AIWISunshine, VicEnd UserVIEW
Muller Martini341Rotary Trimmer $10,000 AIWISunshine, VicEnd UserVIEW
CAT900 KVA Generator $45,000 AIWISunshine, VicEnd UserVIEW
XTBaler $15,000 AIWIQLDEnd UserVIEW
Leibinger / Herben etc12 GTO number boxes, 4 Herben cams $2,000 AIWIBrisbane, QLDEnd UserVIEW
Heat Shrink Wrap AustPallet Wrapper $1,650 AIWIYagoona, NSW End UserVIEW
VenusUni 76 DWShrink Wrapper (400 x 560)mid 00'sEst $1,500 AIWIKiama, NSW End UserVIEW
CrownWalkie stacker forklift $3,000 AIWIHillsdale, NSW End UserVIEW