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Business Sales - Our Proven Process

We provide the following service to assist Australian printing and print related business
proprietors sell their businesses:


We always appraise the business first to establish the true market worth of the business. This not only provides our estimated value, but also the rationale behind that value, based on market evidence of what “like” businesses have sold for.

We also have access to a wide range of advertising mediums – predominantly we use trade based on line newsletters, such as; our own web site, our Market Watch Newsletter and major business sales websites.


the business
for sale

After we have appraised the business, we write the information memorandum on the business, which contains the vital aspects of the business including its background, markets, services offered, client profile, financial performance, staff profile, property details and machinery details / description. This is provided to qualified business buyers after they sign a Confidentiality Agreement.

the business

We tailor the marketing of businesses to the individual needs. We know who to market the business to, their type and their location. Frequently buyers  are known to us and have previously enquired and been qualified as genuine print business buyers. Many of the businesses we have on the market do not ever get listed on this web site or elsewhere.

Selling the

Apart from A–C above, we handle all enquiries, qualify buyers, exchange confidentiality agreements, issue information memorandums, conduct site visits, negotiate sales, brief solicitors, assist with the due diligence process, handle deposit monies via out trust account and finally to sale settlement. These are only some of the aspects of our service – there are many others, as each business sale is different.

This is a proven process we have
followed in securing over 50 print related
business sales in Australia.

For a confidential discussion about this service please
enquire below, or ring us direct.


We act as the facilitator for merger discussions between the two parties.
Frequently our role will include:

  • Identifying needs, targeting, approaching and bringing parties together.
  • Discussion of the synergies and benefits derived from merging.
  • Appraisal or valuation of both businesses.
  • Liaising with accountants and lawyers.
  • Assisting with implementation.
  • Working on the raw numbers of what the merged entity may look like. Working on the vision/business plan of the new entity and individual needs of the owners.

Whilst a lot of mergers make financial sense, getting parties together to share the vision and act decisively is the difficult part. It is in this area that Ascent Partners can act with independence and work with the parties on a win‑win result.


We frequently act for business customers who wish to acquire a print related businesses.
This usually follows a processes which includes:

  • Developing a brief for the type of business required.
  • Targeting and approaching businesses.
  • Analysing the business and advising of fair market value, synergies, fit, and ROI.
  • Advising and negotiating the business acquisition.
  • Assisting to transition and integrate the acquired business to the business.

Acquisitions are often the best way to grow businesses. If done correctly they can result in a very fast return on investment. What is frequently overlooked is the integration process and making sure that the clients “stick”. We also find that acquisitions can add enthusiasm to employees, and IP that would have never been acquired had an acquisition not been made. There is a lot to learn from other people’s business and how they operate.